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"It is not what happens to us that determines our outcome but the way we choose to react to our circumstances."

- Zig Ziglar


We are often faced with painful and challenging periods in our life. You may be troubled by a current relationship, experiencing a painful loss, living with a chronic illness, or significant family distress. Depression and grief may be enveloping you as you search for answers to help explain the death of a relationship or the death of a loved one. You may be experiencing a sense of hopelessness as you search for a lasting intimate relationship or strive to improve the ones you have.

Individual Therapy

When emotional problems become overwhelming or interfere in your everyday life, individual therapy can help you resolve dilemmas, face your fears, overcome the loss of a relationship, create windows of opportunity, uncover your strengths, and enhance your quality of life.  You can achieve personal growth in a supportive environment and feel hopeful about your future.

Couples Therapy

Relationships can be both satisfying and bring great happiness to our life. Intimate relationships can provide the support we need to overcome the overwhelming hardships and difficulties we all experience from one time to another. However, all too often, couples feel frustrated and powerless when each other’s needs and concerns conflict, and when resentment turns to hurt, bitterness and anger.  Creating a mutually fulfilling partnership requires both individuals to be committed to the strengthening of the relationship. Couples therapy provides a setting in which both partners can feel safe to examine their feelings leading to a deeper awareness of each other’s needs. In this environment you can clarify your issues and learn skills that will enhance your relationship, promote intimacy, sustain your commitment while preserving your individual identities.

Family Therapy

Your family can be your greatest source of support, acceptance and love.  However, families can be torn apart by different parenting styles, teenage rebellion, domestic violence, addictions, divorce, death, chronic illness or other difficulties that create tension and distress. Family therapy can help your family understand and improve the way members interact with each other, navigate problems, strengthen relationships and provide encouragement.  Through family therapy you can heal emotional wounds, come to understand one another better and restore a sense of belonging that you may not have experienced for quite some time.

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