Child Services


"Children will not remember you for the material things you provided but for the feeling that you cherished them."

- Richard L. Evans


We want our children to be successful, happy and healthy. We help them overcome obstacles, teach them right from wrong, offer them encouragement, protection and support. However it is common for children to experience occasional problems as they grow and mature. Significant life events such as a death of a family member, friend or pet, divorce, abuse, and a major illness can cause stress the may lead to problems with behavior, mood, sleep and academic and social problems. A child's response to life's pressures may become severe and a parent's attempts to help them may not be enough.

Therapy with children differs greatly from therapy with adults. Often times, children are unable to identify or explain the reason for their fears, sadness or disruptive behavior. Meeting children individually offers them the opportunity to share their difficulties and problems with a neutral adult in a safe environment where they can explore alternative coping mechanisms.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy can help resolve dilemmas, and enhance your child’s quality of life. Children address issues ranging from anxiety, loss, adjustment, depression, anger and relationship struggles.

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Parent Consultation

Parenting is both rewarding and extremely difficult at times. Parents often find themselves frustrated and resorting to yelling when they run out of ideas for managing their child’s behavior. Parent consultations can assist with behavioral management techniques and put the joy back into parenting. This is often the fastest way to address behavioral problems and provide needed relief to the whole family. The majority of the sessions are with the parents while the child may be seen only once or twice as needed. School observations, if requested are also provided. Some parents may choose to have an in-home assessment of the management problem in their natural home environment. This provides live feedback and a treatment plan for parents to implement.

Play Therapy

Play therapy helps children ages 3-11 to find images, symbols and words to express feelings, problems and hidden strengths. Play therapy encourages children to free expression of family, social, behavioral and emotional themes and creatively encourages progress, growth, healing and solutions.

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Parent & Child Relationship Training

When parents find themselves estranged or disconnected from to their child they often find that filial therapy is the most effective way to address this problem. Some adults struggle to connect with their child in a playful manner. Others struggle with setting limits. Filial therapy, also known as parent-child relationship training, offers the parents an opportunity to learn how to engage with their child during a live lesson. By watching the therapist and their child, through a one-way mirror, they are able to take notes and observe the interactions. Afterwards the parent and therapist discuss what was observed. After learning techniques the parent is video tape with their child in the play room. During a later session, the video taped is viewed by the parent and therapist and is used as a teaching tool to discuss their progress. Between sessions, specific techniques and homework assignments are given to the parents.


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