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Cooperative Parenting and Divorce: A Parent Guide to Effective Co-Parenting is an easy-to-read parent workbook that provides vital information and gives real-life examples and worksheets so parents may practice new skills that shield their children from parental conflict. This book is used by parents as part of the Cooperative Parenting and Divorce video-based psychoeducational program as well as an independent self-help guide. In addition, psychotherapists, co-parent counselors, divorce coaches, child specialists, family attorneys and parenting coordinators use this guide as an adjunct to their services for separating and divorcing families.

"Winner of a 2000 Parent's Guide to Children's Media (Parenting Division) Award!"

Here what the judges had to say...

"Divorce itself is tough on children, but constant, often bitter conflict that persists after the divorce makes it even tougher. Divorced or divorcing parents will find the workbook (Parent Guide) and video vignettes openly address likely areas of conflict and offer possible solutions that keep parents centered on what they can both agree on: the happiness and well being of their child. Open communication and genuine respect, even in amidst understandable differences, ground the conflict-resolving strategies. ...leader’s guide is chockfull of practical ideas to engage parents in the subject."

Book Review:  The Family Journal


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