Collaborative Law Assessment Forms


International Academy of Collaborative Professionals

The collaborative law process generally involves determining which members of the team will be needed to successful meet the needs of the individual family. Attorneys will find the colloborative assessments useful in deciding which individuals will require the services of a divorce coach or communication specialist. The assessments may also be useful in determining when a child specialist or the financial expert may be necessary. Through a complete assessment packet divorcing individuals assess their emotional attachment, their level of trust, their conflict style, communication patterns, child's adjustment and much more. Some collaborative professionals will find the CL assessment tool may also find help couples to recognize the importance of working with a mental health provider. Furthermore, the assessments will be found extremely helpful to the mental health member as they work with the individuals as part of the multi-disciplinary team.

The assessments address the following areas:

  • Self Assessment
  • Co-parent Assessment
  • Conflict Assessment
  • Communication, Respect, Trust and Relationship Assessment
  • Child Assessment
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