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The sites contained in this section are meant to provide suggestions and information. Addresses and other information may change, but we do our best to provide the most up-to-date information possible. Cooperative Parenting Institute does not endorse any specific organization or program, noting that many provide valuable resources.


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Articles written by Susan Boyan and Ann Marie Termini

"Apples and Oranges:  What's in a Name?" by Susan Boyan

"Barking up the Wrong Tree:  Understanding WHy a CHild May Resist COntact with a Parent" by Susan Boyan

"Parenting Coordination:  As Seen from the Bench, A Family Law Attorney and Parenting Coordinator" by Susan Boyan,

"Using Genograms and Parent Coordination to Craft Interventions for Families Characterized by Parental Alienation"  By Elizabeth Ellis and Susan Boyan

"What is Divorce Abuse?"  by Boyan and Termini


Articles submitted by Karl Kirkland, PhD


A request from a Separated "Child-Focused" Mom!

Note from CPI:  Among other topics, the article offers suggestions on when the children should be told about the divorce.  This depends on the age and developmental stage.  Our advice is to tell children perhaps a week before one parent moves out of the family home.


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