The Psychotherapist As Parent Coordinator in High-Conflict Divorce


The Psychotherapist As Parent Coordinator in High-Conflict DivorceDevelop a parenting coordination program and minimize high stress for children of divorce! This step-by-step road map provides a practical model for psychotherapists working as parent coordinators in collaboration with the courts. With this text, you will be able to effectively help co-parents develop a collaborative relationship and child-focused parenting plans during or after their divorce. The Psychotherapist as Parent Coordinator in High Conflict Divorce: Strategies and Techniques contains special features such as tables, figures, descriptive plans, and forms to copy for your own use. This text also serves as a valuable resource for those professionals working as Child Specialists, Divorce Coaches, Co-Parent Counselors, Mediators, Custody Evaluators and Family Attorneys.

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According to Janet R. Johnston, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Justice Studies, San Jose State University; co-author of Impasses of Divorce: The Dynamics and Resoluiton of Family Conflict -

"Both new and experienced therapists will find that this book PROVIDES A WEALTH OF LEGAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL KNOWLEDGE for establishing a practice as a parent coordinator within the context of the legal system. It is unprecedented in the extent to which it PROVIDES THE NECESSARY GUIDELINES, PRACTICAL STATEGIES, AND TECHNQIUES for helping parents communicate and coordinate on behalf of their children in the most difficult and vulnerable families- those entrenched in high-conflict divorce. It is the product of the author's extensive experience with these families, and it incorporates and advances the most recent developments in the field. Most important, it shows how to set up the necessary structure to help mental health professionals avoid the pitfalls and traverse the minefields of practice in this forensic context. The authors are to be congratulated for their substantial contribution."

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