Parenting Coordination Assessment Forms


Each packet of assessment includes eighteen (18) pages that contain the following assessments:

  • Intake Form
  • Self Assessment
  • Co-Parent Assessment
  • Conflict Assessment
  • Relationship Assessment
  • Child Assessment

The assessments provide parents with a comprehensive way to identify all their concerns to suppliment their intake appointment. Some parents will acknowledge problem areas in writing better than in person. Having conflicted parents complete their packet prior to meeting with them helps to guide the intake process. The amount of information made available through these comprehensive written assessments becomes an invaluable tool for the professional. (Packets take approximately 30-60 minutes to complete.)

Intake Form:  Highlights parents' name, address, children's names/ages, maritial status, past and present services, protective orders, involvement of children's services and much more.

Self-Assessment:  Provides information regarding the parent's feelings about the divorce/separation and the other parent.  It offers the parents an opportunity to assess their approach to communication, and highlights negative beliefs about the other parent.  Parents provide a brief time-line of events that occurred in the parental relationship, indicating who filed and wanted the separation, and reasons for the dissolution of the relationship.

Co-Parent Assessment:  Parents indicate inappropriate and alienating behaviors demonstrated by the other parent.  They can indicate if the behavior was in the past or a recent behavior.  This assessment is an ideal alienation checklist.

Conflict Assessment:  Provides the professional with information about the issues, situations and events creating conflict between the parents, the behaviors that occur during conflicted interactions, means of communication, how effective the parents interactions are and the behaviors that contribute to the conflict.

Relationship Assessment:  Allows parents an opportuntiy to think about their relationship as a team rather than "me" versus "you".  In addition, parents rate the relationship with the other parent in terms of communication, respect, support, trust, cooperation, child-rearing and parent-child relationships.

Child Assessment:  Offers the professional an understanding of how and when the children were told about the family separation.  Additionally, it asks which parent told the children about the separation, and how the children reacted to the news.  It also explores additional losses experienced by the child around the tme of the separation and how they react/recover when they transition between homes, and much more.  There is a comprehensive checklist for parents to indicate the behaviors that have occured since the separation and which problems have been ongoing.

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