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Parent Coordination Training

The Cooperative Parenting Institute developed the first and only comprehensive training model for parenting coordination. Our C.P.I. training system provides a practical model that highlights techniques and strategies for dealing with difficult families. To meet the needs of different statutes, the CPI offers a three day training program leading to either 20 or 24 hours of continuing education credits. The Institute schedules multiple trainings throughout the country each year. In addition, Susan and Ann Marie are available to customize training in your local area as requested. For more information about parenting coordination, click here. For information regarding CPI training topics, learning objectives, schedule and registration click here.

Parenting Coordination Case Consultation

Boyan and Termini offer consultation services to attorneys, therapists, special masters and parent coordinators. Email and phone consultation is also available. Consultations are designed to address a specific issue associated with a difficult case, a management concern or a topic germane to the implementation of parenting coordination services. Arrangements should be made directly with either Susan or Ann Marie.

Parenting Coordination Seminars For Legal Professionals

The professionals at the CPI offer seminars designed to educate family law professionals on all aspects of parenting coordination. Seminars are available in a one to three hour format.

Legal Consultation, Court Preparation and Expert Witness

Attorneys may contact the CPI for assistance with dealing with difficult clients, personality disorders, custody evaluations and to consult on cross examinations. The professionals are available for scheduled phone or in person consultation. The CPI professionals may be retained to assist attorneys in preparing anxious or difficult clients for court testimony. The professionals at the CPI provide expert witness on topics such as parenting coordination, high conflict divorce, and parental alienation.

Speaking Engagements

The CPI accepts invitations to address any gathering on the subject of family separation and high-conflict divorce. Addresses can be specialized to accommodate a given theme or issue. Speaking appointments may be for key note addresses or for instruction in break-out sessions. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Divorce Abuse Prevention
  • Parental Alienation vs. Visitation Refusal
  • The Impact of High Conflict on Children
  • Parenting Coordination
  • Effective Co-Parenting
  • Surviving Court Testimony
  • Writing Effective Parenting Plans
  • The Mental Health Professional in the
         Collaborative Law Process

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