Divorce and Coparenting Websites

www.2Houses.com                Coparenting communication, schedule organization, document storage, expense management

www.childreninbetween.com  Online divorce education course

www.choremonster.com        System for sharing chores between two homes

www.collaborativecoparenting.com     Online courses to meet court ordered co-parent education

www.coparently.com             Coparenting communication, custody calendar, expense management

www.consciouscoparentinginstitute.com     Skills and tools to create co-parenting/parallel parenting plan; reunification

www.cozi.com                       Family organizer, coordinates schedules, manages to do lists, tracks grocery lists

www.custodyjunction.com    Calendar, scheduling, tracking events, reporting

www.custodytoolbox.com     Organize custody schedules and information

www.divorcecommunications.com     Coparenting communication, expense management, valuable resources, divorce coaching

www.divorcehelpforparents.com   Monthly newsletter for divorced parents plus other resources

www.familycrossings.com    Share photos, videos, stories and events

www.jointparents.com          Joint Parenting Association. Resources, articles, publications

www.onlineparentclass.com      Online parenting and coparenting courses

www.onlineparentingcourse.com     Online parenting classes to strengthen conflict skills

www.ourfamilywizard.com    Coparenting Communication, parenting time, reimbursement and much more.

www.life360.com                   Part communication, part location, receive alerts, view members on a map

www.myschoolbucks.com     Pay for child’s school meals, check cafeteria balances & purchases

www.parentingtime.net          Coparenting communication, calendar, compliance, coordinate schedules, expense management

www.parentsinconflict.com   Court-approved coparenting classes

www.puttingkidsfirst.org       On-line coparenting and parenting classes

www.sharekids.com             Coparenting communication, calendar, event tracking, resource center, create photo albums, expense management

www.stepscoparenting.com   In person coparenting classes

www.twofamiliesnow.com     Online coparenting and divorce classes