Planning a Local Three Day Parenting Coordination Training

Sponsored by the Cooperative Parenting Institute

Trainers: Authors of “Parenting Coordinator Reference Manual”

First step is to determine if a local training is your best option:

Step 1. Work backward by completing the following worksheet for coming to a scheduled CPI training:

  • Cost of your flight or transportation to a CPI training $______________
  • Cost of the training hours you want to obtain $______________
  • Cost of a hotel to come to a CPI training $______________
  • Cost of meals while at the training $______________
  • Misc. costs of traveling to a training $______________
  • Approximate TOTAL Cost of a scheduled training $______________

Step 2. Next determine the approximate cost for a local training: (sample below)

  • Cost to fly trainer to your town $ 450
  • Cost of trainer’s hotel and meals W-Th-F-S $ 700
  • Cost of trainers daily fee, $2,000 per day $6,000
  • Cost of training books approx. (Our cost $75) $ 42 per person*
  • Cost of shipping training books to your contact person $ 30
  • Cost to advertise training $ 100
  • Cost if any, to use the designated training space $ 300
  • Cost if any, to provide a power point projector and screen $ 200
  • Approximate total cost not including books $7,680 plus textbooks

Step 3. Now compare the costs of a local training using this example:

  • Assuming you get 10 paid participants each would pay $768 plus $42 for a total of $810
  • If you had 12 participants the price drops to $640.00 plus texts for a total of $682.00

The more participants, the lower the overall cost. If you had 20 participants they would each pay approximately $384 to attend the training plus $42 for their books. If you want to select a base fee that is the lowest fee, say $500 for the training plus the $42 for books for $542 minimum fee, then you could make a profit. For example, with 20 participants the registration would come to approximately $10,000 with a profit of $2,000 for your efforts.

NOTE: The key is to get real commitments before you put too much into the plans. This means you create a registration form (we can send you one of ours to revise) and get payments that can be refunded if the training does not take place. If you are uncomfortable insisting that all participants complete a registration and include payment, then do not try to put on a local training. It has been our experience that professionals will verbally agree but the training will fall apart. In other words each interested person must register and pay you or the training will likely not happen. Trainers will not schedule to come without your having the fees ahead of time.

If you have your minimum number committed and paid:

  1. Determine what three days you want the training.
  2. Make sure the trainer is available for your dates.
  3. Determine if you can secure a training space and power point screen. Trainers typically bring their own projector. Determine the cost, if any for the training space and what cost you will have for a power point screen and a flip chart.
  4. Advertise your dates and location locally, get registrations and payment
  5. Contact the trainer when you have your minimum necessary to be comfortable with the registration fee. Sign training contract provided by trainer.
  6. Determine where the trainer will lodge and how they will get from the airport to hotel and from hotel to training space.
  7. After receiving the contract the trainer will arrange their flight and hotel.
  8. Reimburse trainer for flight and hotel prior to the training.
  9. Arrange for drivers or ubur to pick up trainer
  10. Arrange for coffee, water, and snack for each day.

On your registration let them know they will have a training fee of $500-$800 per participant.

Indicate that they will be refunded 100% if you are unable to get enough participants and that

the final cost will be determined by the final number of participants.

Advantages of a local training:

  • Avoid being away from your family
  • Avoid having to be away from your clients (in the evening)
  • Avoid the cost of flight, hotel and meals

Disadvantages of a local training:

  • Must get enough participants to register and prepay to cover expenses of:
  • Cost of trainer’s travel and hotel, meal expenses plus training fee
  • Must provide a training space and pay any fee associated with the space
  • Must arrange for both books to be delivered to your contact person
  • Must provide coffee, water and any snacks for participants
  • Must provide power point screen and flip chart.
  • Must confirm registration number 3 weeks in advance of training.

CPI Trainer will provide

  • Three eight hour days of training
  • Handouts and outlines sent electronically
  • Textbooks mailed to your contact person
  • Evaluations and certificates of completion

Contract Agreement shall be electronically provided after minimum registrations are confirmed.