CROSSROADS of Parenting and Divorce: 5 Steps to Preventing Divorce Abuse Parent Guide


Parent workbook that provides vital information and gives real-life examples and worksheets so parents can practice new skills at home.

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Parent workbook that provides vital information and gives real-life examples and worksheets so parents can practice new skills at home.

Psychotherapists, co-parent counselors, divorce coaches, child specialists, family attorneys and parenting coordinators use this guide as an educational adjunct to their services for separating and divorcing families.

61 pages

Crossroads of Parenting and Divorce



  • What is Divorce Abuse?
  • 5 Steps to Prevention

Step One:

  • Keep Your Child out of the Middle
  • How Conflict Hurts Your Child
  • Danger Zones: Ways a Child Gets Caught in the Middle
  • Open Conflict
  • Negative Talk
  • Family Members “Support”
  • The Silent Treatment
  • Using Your Child as a Messenger
  • Putting Your Child in a Loyalty Bind
  • Burdening Your Child
  • Interrogating Your Child

Step Two:

  • Allow Your Child to Love Both Parents
  • Value Both Parents
  • Positive Qualities Activity
  • Two Teachers are Better Than One
  • The Greatest Danger
  • Avoid Negative Assumptions and Actions
  • Respect Your Child’s Need for the Other Parent
  • Show Acceptance of the Other Parent
  • Show Acceptance of Two Homes
  • Ease the Transition Process
  • Minimize Change Whenever Possible

Step Three:

  • Work on Your Own Recovery
  • Giving Yourself Permission to Grieve
  • The Stages of Grief
  • Letting Go of the Pain
  • Recognizing Positive Memories
  • Disengaging from Your Former Partner
  • Focusing on Getting Even
  • Focusing on Winning
  • Focusing on Control
  • Playing the Victim
  • Managing Your Anger
  • Choose Responsibility over Anger
  • Anger Dos and Don’ts

Step Four:

  • Develop New Communication Skills
  • Create New Expectations around Communication
  • Agree on a Method of Communication
  • Decide on the Frequency of Communication
  • Select the Topics
  • Learn New Communication Techniques
  • Use a Respectful Tone of Voice
  • Use Respectful Body Language
  • Select Your Words with Care
  • Avoid “You” Statements
  • 3 Reactions: Defend, Counterattack, Withdraw
  • Practice “I” Statements
  • Use Reflective Listening
  • Reflective Listening Practice
  • Learn to Negotiate Differences
  • The 7 Steps of Negotiation

Step Five:

  • Create a New Relationship as Co-Parents
  • Task 1: Realign as Co-Parents
  • Realignment Contract
  • Task 2: Minimize Negative Influences
  • Task 3: Use a Business Relationship as a Model
  • Dedication to a Common Goal
  • Commitment to a Win-Win Relationship
  • Differences are Negotiated
  • Common Courtesies are Observed
  • Communication with Facts not Feelings
  • The Relationship is Limited in Scope
  • Task 4: Clarify Boundaries
  • Clarifying Boundaries Activity
  • Task 5: Dedication to the Future
  • Encourage Shared Activities
  • Embrace your Child’s Extended Family
  • Prepare for Future Change
  • Navigate Developmental Changes
  • Give the Gift of a String Co-Parent Relationship
  • In closing


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