“The presenter was sensational with an awesome sense of humor and gave great practical examples that brought the content to life! I really appreciated the opportunities to discuss clinical and ethical issues! Over a long three days Susan held my attention, taught me a great deal, and entertained me! This was a great experience in every single way!”

Miriam Drummonds, PhD – Alabama

“The training was dynamic and extremely informative; excellent use of real world examples to illustrate the key content. Susan presents well with an entertaining style that brings the concepts to life. I learned so much and would definitely recommend this training to anyone interested in becoming a parenting coordinator!”

Tracy Masiello, PhD.  – North Carolina

“This training held my attention for 3 days – no small feat.  Ann Marie did a great job of providing content, skills and provoking thought, all of which served to help me integrate a lot of new information in a short time.  She also did an excellent job of using different modalities – Power Point, handouts, lecture, Q & A and small group activities.

Jennifer Knauth, J.D. – Texas

“I very much enjoyed the didactic and experiential components of this training, and would highly recommend it to other colleagues.  I leave excited about incorporating parenting coordination services into my practice in the future.”

Anne Murphy, PhD. – Pennsylvania

“Such an informative workshop!  This was a wonderful format for not only acquiring new information but learning ways to apply the knowledge appropriately and effectively.  I feel motivated to continue expanding my knowledge base so I can better help improving family dynamics that are “stuck” in conflict.”

Rebecca Smith, LPC-S – Texas