The Cooperative Parenting Institute

Serving the needs of separated and divorced families.

The CPI Mission

We are dedicated to providing unique services to families experiencing divorce and separation. Services include psychotherapy, divorce coaching, family mediation, co-parenting, reunification therapy and parenting coordination. The CPI also provides training and education to family law attorneys, mental health providers and the courts. Learn More

We offer professional Parenting Coordination training for those who wish to become Parenting Coordinators

Next class starts in August 2023.

Our Family Wizard

The Cooperative Parenting Institute is pleased to announce that we are now an affiliate of Our Family Wizard. Click on the button to read more.

OurFamilyWizard helps co-parents with conflict-free communication

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CoParenting handbook

We offer a wide range of valuable coparenting and divorce related products to both parents and professionals such as the award winning Cooperative and Divorce: A Parent Guide to Effective Coparenting.

For Parents and Children

Download the Divorce Rules, Coparenting Rules and see the latest coparenting book titled, “The Coparents’ Communication Handbook”. Also see coparenting apps, books and reading for your children. Then check out our parenting blogs.

Children Caught in the Middle – See a loyalty bind in action and the damage and stress it causes the children…

A loyalty bind puts children in the middle of having to choose one parent over the other. When children are asked to pick sides this creates a tremendous burden on them. Children will either defend the parent getting put down or they will join the complaining parent. They are torn between placing their loyalties with one parent at the cost of betraying or being disloyal to the other parent. Children feel anger, confusion, anxiety, guilt and sadness, and anxiety when they hear negative comments about their parents. Children do not have a fully formed sense of self and are at risk of fears that they may be like the parent being put down.

View the video of Marcus and his mother.  Notice how easy it is to put your child into the middle.

Articles about Parenting, Divorce and the impact on children

Visit our blog to discover a wealth of information on divorce, coparenting, children and divorce, child developmental issues related to divorce and parental alienation and visitation refusal.

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