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Cooperative Coparenting through Separation or Divorce Parent’s Guide

The Cooperative Parenting through Separation or Divorce Parent’s Guide contains skills, activities, and at-home practice to help separating parents shield their children from conflict and make a successful transition to coparents. Covers loyalty conflicts, focusing on the child, defusing conflict, replacing blame with effective communication skills, peaceful negotiations, handling financial issues, navigating future changes, developmental issues and dealing with significant others, and much more.  

Here’s the Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1 – Child-Focused or Out of Focus:  Making the Commitment to Caring
  • Chapter 2 – Plan for Peace or Tug of War:  Allowing my Child to Love Both Parents
  • Chapter 3 – Letting Go or Holding On:  Changing My Long-Term Role
  • Chapter 4 – Make it Better or Keep it Bitter:  Choosing My Personal Path
  • Chapter 5 – Neither Fight nor Take Flight: Managing My Anger
  • Chapter 6 – Defuse of Light the Fuse: Taking Control of Conflict
  • Chapter 7 – All o Winner or Winner Take All:  Negotiating Agreements
  • Chapter 8 – Cooperation or Conflict:  Coparenting is Forever

Sample Pages

We are certain you will find the skills, activities and at-home practices in this guide very helpful as you transition to becoming coparents who guard against your child(ren) getting involved in your adult conflicts. You can download the sample pages below which include:

  • sample questions and answers between parents and child
  • a visual of “8 steps to my child’s positive mental health and well being”
  • two different exercises for a parent
  • a visual of “The 7 steps to negotiating agreements”

Sample Chapter

Read how it is all put together in Chapter Two, “Plan for Peace or Tug of War”!

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