Serving the needs of separated and divorcing families

Cooperative Coparenting through Separation or Divorce Parent’s Guide


Cooperative Coparenting through Separation or Divorce is a newly revised Parent Guide loaded with skills, activities, and at-home practice to help separated and divorced parents shield their children from conflict while creating a cooperative coparenting relationship. Also known as CoCo as opposed to the original CPD version.


By Susan Boyan, LMFT and Ann Marie Termini, LPC

This second edition includes all the key concepts of the original CPD parent guide such as:

  • Educating parents on the impact their conflict has on their children
  • Educating parents on how to replace destructive reactions with constructive responses
  • Teaching parents the meaning of loyalty binds and how to eliminate them
  • Teaching parents the practical skills they need to manage anger, increase impulse control, resolve conflict and demonstrate respectful interactions
  • Teaching parents to recognize the power of their thoughts and how to revise and reframe them

Plus new topics:

  • How to recognize why blaming keeps parents stuck
  • How to take responsibility for their own contribution to conflict
  • How to set up an effective two home communication system
  • How to eliminate difficult and stressful transfers
  • How to handle finances in divorce
  • How to effectively incorporate a significant other into the family
  • And much more

This parent guide is used as part of the Cooperative Coparenting through Separation and Divorce 8 week Program.  However, the parent guide is also sold as a stand-alone for parents or professionals.

Quantity discount available. (195 pp.)

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This parent guide, the related professional Kit and supplemental Leader’s Guide are also referred to as COCO products.

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Cooperative Coparenting through Separation or Divorce Parent’s Guide